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About Us

SBH Design & Installation Services Ltd was founded in 1981 as specialist contractors in refrigeration and air conditioning.  As our name suggests, we are experienced in the design and installation of all types of commercial/light industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems.

Contracts undertaken range from small air conditioning installations (approximately 1,200) to whole food factory installations of 1million and above.  All projects are managed by our own directly employed staff.

Installing a large extract fan.
Installing a large extract fan.


The majority of our refrigeration work is particularly for the food industry, a considerable amount being for food producers and ready meal manufacturers.  This not only involves cold storage for products, either chilled or frozen, but also heavy duty blast chilling or blast freezing applications, the design of which is in line with Government guidelines for cooking, chilling and freezing.

The equipment installed varies from a single refrigeration system to a "pack system" operating on a number of rooms.  Where practical, due consideration is give to energy conservation.

We are also able to design and install bespoke equipment; for example, providing chilled water at 0.5C for chilling sauces and soups, or cold storage for organic vegetables with hydration to maintain high humidity as well as the correct temperature.

Air Conditioning

We are dealers for the Daikin range of air conditioning units, but where specified or otherwise required we are able to install air conditioning manufactured by the main brands.

Our air conditioning ranges from small split single systems to large VRV installations.  We have installed air conditioning for offices, restaurants, hospitals, banks and indeed in private homes.

Some of our designed and installed air conditioning is for close temperature and humidity control where products being stored are susceptible to changes in the environment, e.g. storage of film, carbon, adhesives etc.

Heating & Ventilation

Many of our Heating & Ventilation installations have been for food factory type projects where large kitchens and wash rooms have to be ventilated and incoming air heated to prevent condensation.  In addition we install ventilation for offices to provide the required amount of fresh air per person either as a separate entity or in conjunction with an air-conditioning installation.

Custom-designed U-shaped canopy for a very large kitchen for ready meals.
Custom-designed U-shaped canopy for a
very large kitchen for ready meals.

Other Services

Some Projects require us to incorporate heating and plumbing services, and on many occasions this forms part of the total package which we are able to provide.


We employ our own refrigeration/air conditioning installation, service and maintenance engineers who are kept up to date with all the latest matters regarding environmental issues, together with Health & Safety legislation.

All ductwork is designed and manufactured in accordance with HVCA Specification DW/144.  Also DW/172 is used extensively for kitchen ventilation systems.

We are conversant with Health & Safety matters including CDM regulations and have set procedures in all these areas.  Our Health & Safety Policy is currently undergoing a complete review.

We are members of the Heating & Ventilating Contractors Association and particularly the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Group.  Many of our staff are members of the Institute of Refrigeration.

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