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Our qualified staff are able to take an initial brief from a customer and develop the design and drawings into a full specification for the works required.  This results in a package of priced works against which contracts can be placed.

We have a qualified and experienced team capable of the design of commercial/light industrial systems and all types of air conditioning.

On many occasions we have taken the plan of a factory and developed the whole of the refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation into a full set of drawings complete with a specification for approval by the customer and his professional team i.e. Architect, Consultant etc.  We have attended pre-Contract meetings to provide our advice and technical expertise as part of the development team for many large projects calling on SBH's many years of experience.

Ductwork serving the factory below.
Ductwork serving the factory below.
Fruit and vegetable cold store with temperature and high-humidity control.
Fruit & vegetable cold store with temperature and high-humidity control.


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