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Why regular Maintenance of your installation by SBH is so important.

A fully equipped SBH maintenance van at a customer's premises. Any machinery which is in constant use needs regular maintenance to ensure that it is functioning correctly and safely and that moving parts are adequately lubricated.  Air Conditioning and Refrigeration equipment is no exception to this.  And the larger the installation, the more important it is that routine maintenance is carried out at the right times by the right experts.  

Maintenance of equipment also ensures that it runs efficiently, which results in savings in electricity costs.  In particular, air filters require changing regularly, and this can be part of an agreement with SBH.  Many of our customers rely on us to provide replacement filters on a regular basis, e.g. quarterly or 6-monthly, to maintain the operating efficiencies and air volumes of the equipment installed.

SBH use their own qualified engineers, not subcontractors, to carry out all routine maintenance at the correct time intervals and in accordance with equipment manufacturers' specifications.

If your equipment is not being maintained, or if you are dissatisfied with your present maintainer, why not contact us for a quotation?  Or if you are an existing customer and wish to review your needs of discuss anything with us, contact us:

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