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Website and Email Privacy

Our Website does not collect data about the individuals who access it, nor does it send "cookies" to your computer.  If in the future we use software which counts the number of visitors, it will not tell us anything about who the visitors are nor what company they are from.
If you contact us by email, our email software automatically saves your message, and also stores your email address when we reply to you.  This information is not on the WWW but on a PC.  We may note, with your email address, the name as shown in your email and that you have shown interest in a particular aspect mentioned on this website.  Unless you specifically request otherwise, we might very occasionally send you a subsequent email about this - because we would, of course, like you to become one of our customers if you haven't already done so.

A typical cold store.
A typical cold store.

If you use the "Search" facility on this website (accessed from the "Search" button at the top of every page), the word/s you searched for may be logged by the search engine and reported to us at weekly and monthly intervals.  This is to help us to improve the website, by ensuring that relevant info is easy to find and that irrelevant info is removed.  The Search engine does not store any info about who asked the questions.

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